Our internal services are based on your figures and operational reality. Based on this knowledge, we try to strengthen your company with efficient and helpful dashboards and clear advice. Our Business Developers guide you in detecting new opportunities or taking new steps with your ambition, then our Project Managers work with you to realize them.

However, the final step may still be missing. After all, who possesses all the knowledge needed to support you in all facets of your company? Our answer is very simple: nobody!


Discover our network

We opt for a pathway of cooperation. D&D Consulting has an enormously broad network of multidisciplinary knowledge, which means we can often propose several people to help with each knowledge requirement.

This way we guarantee:

  • That we can offer all-round guidance in achieving your ambition, both as a company and as an entrepreneur.
  • That we can provide customized knowledge to match your queries, needs and/or wishes.
  • A choice of specialists, so that you can look at the value of the knowledge but also find a good personal match.
  • And that D&D consulting will at all times monitor good communication during your projects and their proper implementation.

An overview of the services within our network


It is important that we always give you honest advice based on our role as accountant, Business Developer or Project Manager, so that the interests of your company always remain paramount. We do not feel under any pressure to win projects for our network. Our sole driving force is our genuine desire to assist you!

Do you want to know more about these services or are you looking for a specific one? Tell us your story and we will look into it together!

Would you like to get to know our network that can assist your company with versatile advice?