Consultancy boekhouding

Do you feel the need for an in-house accountant, but you prefer your accounting to remain under your accountant’s responsibility? In short, would you like to enjoy the proximity of an in-house accountant without the worries?

D&D consulting supports your company with a personal in-house accountant. And we always arrange one to fit your needs, timing and budget.

Gain flexibility with consultancy accounting

The advantage of this personal approach is that you always have a direct connection with your accounting processes, without having to invest in an internal financial service yourself.

This accountant falls under the watchful eye of your designated person responsible for file and he or she handles:

  • Correct invoice processing
  • Invoicing
  • Periodic closing of the figures
  • Processing financial data
  • Preparing payments

With consultancy accounting you can kill three birds with one stone:

  • You save the costs of developing your own financial administration.
  • There is a very short communication line, but without you having to bear the final responsibility.
  • You gain more insight into your figures and strengthen the power of your business reporting.

How about gaining efficiency? Contact us and discover the benefits of a personal, external bookkeeper working as part of your company.

Consultancy accounting tailored to your business?