Are you starting your own business? Are you thinking of putting a wild idea into practice and realizing your dreams? Should you immediately start a company for this or would it be better to work as a sole trader?

These are some of the many questions that we are very happy to take time to look into with you, and then guide you through your first steps as an entrepreneur. D&D Consulting provides you with customized personal Start-Up Advice.

Start-Up Advice with vision

So, you have a brilliant concept, an unfulfilled childhood dream, an unbeatable entrepreneurial spirit, etc. What is our advice? If it keeps tickling your imagination, you should get started. Bundle your ideas, and then call on D&D Consulting and make the right choices based on our smart Start-Up Advice. We work with you to focus your goals and then we draw up a comprehensive financial plan for your new business. We do this practically, punctually and always with perfect preparation – A resounding kick-start for your business!

Would you like Start-Up Advice for your New Business? You can call on D&D Consulting for any of the following:

  • Advice and guidance during the establishment of a sole trader business or a company
  • Preparation of a feasibility study and financial plan
  • Fulfilment of all the start-up formalities
  • Requesting a VAT number
  • Registration in the KBO (i.e. the “Kruispuntbank van Ondernemingen” The Federal Public Service for Economy’s data bank of basic details on companies in Belgium)
  • Advice on social security status as a self-employed person
  • Joining a social insurance fund for the self-employed

Are starting up as an entrepreneur?

Strong start-up advice with D&D Consulting

Do you want to establish sole proprietorship or partnership that is a perfect fits with your long-term goals? Becoming your own boss is not something that is done overnight. From requesting a company number, drawing up a feasibility study, charting your accounting obligations, etc., we have all the skills and tools needed to guide you through financial, administrative and practical preparations.

Are you starting your enterprise? D&D Consulting’s Start-Up Advice will help you get underway smoothly. Our experts listen to your ideas and then carefully compile a comprehensive to-do list.

Are you looking for Start-Up Advice in or around Sint-Truiden, Brussels, Leuven or Hasselt?