As a financial service provider we want to inspire our network and provide access to the specific knowledge required for realizing your enterpreneurial ambition.

D&D Consulting specializes in implementation of your accounting linked to financial and taxation advice. We attach great importance to efficient financial and operational reporting. We make your financial results transparent, so that they contribute to developing your ambition.

Based on these financial and operational insights, our Business Developers challenge you to look beyond the figures and your current activities. Our role is not restricted to providing the right insight, correct company contribution processing or closing a financial year properly! We are always ready and happy to use our network of external specialists to research and work with you to optimize your growth processes. After all, entrepreneurship requires specialization and a wide range of knowledge, which must be available and affordable for every SME with ambition. That is why we already have our SME portfolio recognition for several years now.

Are you looking for an accountant somewhere in the region around Sint-Truiden, Brussels or Hasselt?


Accountancy & Taxation

Do you want your accounting done by the book? D&D Consulting is your right hand when it comes to submitting your VAT returns, corporation tax and personal income tax.



Doing business goes hand in hand with administration. Do you, as an entrepreneur, find billing, personnel administration or handling contracts burdensome? We will be happy to relieve you of that workload!

Business rapportage

Business Reporting

Correct accounting teaches us little. The translation of the data into good business reporting, in which financial results provide insight into your operational achievements is the foundation of smart entrepreneurship!


Start-Up Advice

Are starting up as an entrepreneur? Are you a sole trader or partnership? Starting up well is half the job. At D&D Consulting, we are always interested in your ideas and we will translate them into a concrete business plan.


Company advice

Starting to operate as a company, growing tactically, investing smartly, negotiating a business transfer smoothly, etc., our tax advisers guide your company from start to finish.

Consultancy boekhouding

Consultancy accounting

Would you like to have the luxury of an in-house accountant but you don’t need one full-time? Would you like to be able to have one working flexibly? We will be happy to help you with this!

Business development

Business development

Would you like to make the next step in your ambition into reality? Our Business Developers will work with you to find and use opportunities based on your business reporting.

Project management

Project management

Do have to make very important decisions or have projects starting up within your business? Do you need an intermediary? Our Project Managers are always happy to support you.

Our network

Every entrepreneur is occasionally sometimes confronted with his or her or her limitations. Our network comprises external specialists in different fields, who are happy to help you overcome these obstacles to your progress.

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