Improving financial insights, optimizing taxation, structuring companies, etc., D&D Consulting is more than just an accountancy bureau. We are a network in which entrepreneurship is our priority every day, just as it is for you. Check out our values here!

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An eye for detail

A passion for figures and correct processing of your accounts is the basis of successful entrepreneurship. Yet we go a step further than just processing figures correctly. We analyse your figures and investigate where any tax optimization might be possible. We work with you to monitor your financing requirements, so that you can take the right steps proactively, so that you can finance your ambition going forward. In short – we offer thorough advice based on our financial expertise.

Tailored advice for your business as a sole trader or SME? Turning your entrepreneurship into a success story all starts with having the feeling for detail.

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We listen to you

Figures don’t say everything. It is crucial for us to listen carefully to your story. What are your ambitions and your business’s distinctive characteristics? How do you want to combine all this into a success story? These are just some of the simple but important questions that help us to approach and understand your figures in more depth.

Many financial experts hear what you say, but do not listen. Good advice starts with real understanding of what you want as an entrepreneur.

Knowledge is there to share

Our knowledge is extensive. And our network is possibly even broader! We believe that the best advice comes from specialists, each firmly rooted in their field. Our network bundles talent from different fields so that we can offer your company perfect advice in every area, and matched precisely to your needs.

Teamwork makes the dream work. Lawyers, banks, grant experts, insurance experts, HR gurus, .etc. Specialists are not only there for the big boys. We will provide you with an entourage of the right connections, so that you can realize your dreams.

Digitale mindset

Digital mindset

Digitizing is investing in efficiency and that applies to your office organization and workflow too. Forget cupboards bulging with documents and untraceable invoices. We carefully pick specific tools for processing your accounting. This means that we select the most appropriate tools for your organization.

How about Digitizing your Financial Administration? D&D Consulting commits fully to paperless accounting connected to your tools. This not only saves you space, but also time and money.

Transparent communication

This is perhaps the most important value of all. After all, what good is it to have an accounting bureau with perfect services and the right tools if you, as an entrepreneur, don’t understand them? Transparent communication is often one of the most important cornerstones in the development of your company.

We understand you as an entrepreneur and understand your ambitions. Transparent communication is based on this concept and recognizing you as an entrepreneur.


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